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学费 & 费用

Annual 学费 2023-2024

Kindergarten to Grade 5 $21,600
6 - 8年级 $22,465
9年级 $22,925
11年级 $23,760
12年级 $24,220
International Students $42,825


  • Students who do not qualify for the BC Government grant are assessed an additional fee of $3,225 in lieu of the grant.
  • International student fees are due and payable by August 15, 2023.
  • All tuition payments must be made by cheque or credit card. Cash will not be accepted.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Interest at 3% per month will be charged on all overdue balances.
  • All credit card payments will be subject to a 2.4%信用卡费

The school's budget is based on enrolment numbers prior to the start of the academic year. 同时, financial commitments are made to school employees and expenditures incurred on facilities, instructional materials and supplies to operate the school. As a result, all deposits are non-refundable. Should you withdraw your child after July 31, 2023, the remaining tuition balance will become due and payable immediately. 


要求 & 其他费用


Upon Continuous Enrolment: $4,000
2023年4月3日: $4,000
2023年6月1日: $4,000
2023年9月5日: $4,000
2023年10月2日: $4,000
2023年11月1日: 费用余额

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